Useful Faber-Castell Colour Chart

Faber-Castell Pastel Pencil Colour ChartWe’ve added this helpful Faber-Castell colour chart to our website and product page to make it easier to choose the colours you need.

This colour chart was originally used by Colin to pick out colours for producing his artwork. We’ve scanned in the image which is why you see some of the pencils with ticks beside them. These pastel pencils are the ones Colin uses on a regular basis. As you can see, there’s around 40 selected so buying a 60 or 120 box of Faber-Castell Pastel Pencils isn’t entirely necessary, but a real luxury.

To complete all of Colin’s starter packs, you actually only need 24 pencils and all these can be found in Colin’s Special Selection Box. For the Intermediate and Workshop packs, you will need more pencils but these are detailed on the product page. If you need extra colours, use our new chart and buy them individually on the site!


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