Ultimate Drawing Set

Photo of square drawing grids

Here at Colin Bradley Art, we’re always looking to help you achieve the best you can when it comes to drawing. Here’s the products we recommend to help you get accurate drawings.

Square Drawing Grids

These grids were developed by Colin and are based on an old Victorian method used with gridded squares. In each pack you receive 3 transparent grids which can be placed on top of each other to break down the area you wish to draw. Also included are paper grids that you can draw onto and photocopy for as many drawings as you wish!

We also include instructions and a sheet of tracedown graphite carbon which you can use to transfer your finished picture to the painting surface of your choice. Because it’s graphite, you can erase or change the lines once it’s transferred!

Tracedown Graphite Carbons

As mentioned above, these graphite carbons are great for transferring or tracing through an image onto the painting surface of your choice. Before graphite carbons, black carbons were used and the lines that transferred through were permanent, leaving less room for error. However now with the graphite carbons from tracedown, you can make errors and correct them instantly! Buy these in Packs of 5 from our art store and use each carbon 3 or more times before needing another.

Graphite Pencil Set

This set of graphite pencils contains all the pencils Colin uses when drawing. These are the F, HB and B grade pencils. The F is a unique grade and ideal for going over those lines after using the tracedown graphite carbons. They’re made by faber-castell making them affordable and also high quality.

Other useful tools: Double Ended Eraser

This great tool has two ends for rubbing out mistakes with a softer pencil, and also a harder end for rubbing out blacker pencil. Colin also uses this for rubbing out mistakes made with pastel pencils so tackling graphite is a breeze for this handy addition.