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Willow Tree Exercise Sheet just added!

Willow tree in pastel pencils

Learn how to draw this beautiful Willow Tree with Colin’s easy to follow Exercise Sheet. Click on the tree in our “Featured Products” below and download the PDF or order your hard copy today! We have a full video tutorial of this exercise on our members site http://www.colinbradleyart.co.uk.

Waterfall Workshop Pack Available

We are now selling our latest project, the Waterfall as a workshop pack. Included in the pack is a reference picture, line drawing to work from and instructions on how to complete the picture. We are also running this project as a full unedited video tutorial on our Membership site. The pack is available as […]

Spitfire Workshop Pack Now Available!

Colin’s stunning new picture the “TB752 Spitfire” is now sold as a workshop pack. You too can learn through his instruction how to produce this incredible picture. Purchase the pack as an instant download or as a hard copy delivered to your door. See the product below in our “Recent Products” section or click here […]

Draw & Paint Dogs Preview Clip

We recently discovered a preview clip of our Draw & Paint Dogs DVD on Youtube, not on our channel but on ArtistsNetwork.TV channel. We have added this clip to the Draw & Paint Dogs Product Page so anyone wishing to buy the DVD can watch a quick 5 minute preview. You can visit the product […]

Wildlife DVDs now sold separately!

Choose from our 2 Wildlife DVDs. Disk 1 teaches you how to draw the Panda, Tiger & Chimp. Disk 2 teaches you how to draw the Lioness, Wolf & Elephant. Both DVDs can be bought together on disk or separately via download. Start watching these lessons within minutes! Scroll down to “Recent Products” or visit […]

Sepia Packs now available via Download

We are now offering our Sepia Packs as downloads as well as traditional hard copy. In each pack you will receive a Line Drawing, Reference Picture, Tips and Techniques sheet, Sepia Tonal Reference Guide and Instructions with Pencil Numbers. If you’ve ever wanted to try Sepia drawing then these packs are ideal! Download your pack […]

Lion Workshop Pack Now Available

Learn to draw this magnificent Lion with our brand new workshop pack. We are running the video tutorial on our member’s site: colinbradleyart.co.uk but for those who aren’t members, we have the full instructions, line drawing and reference picture available via download or hard copy.

Castle in the Snow Workshop Pack Added

Ahead of our launch of the video tutorial on our member’s site (colinbradleyart.co.uk), the “Castle in the Snow” workshop pack is now available to all non-members starting from £3.95. In the pack, you will receive a line drawing, reference picture and detailed instructions including pencil numbers and techniques. For members, you can begin watching the […]

“Starting out with Pastel Pencils” New DVD now available

Today brings the launch of Colin’s brand new DVD “Starting out with Pastel Pencils”. Running at nearly 2 hours, this Pastel Pencil Demonstration is perfect for beginners; showing a wide variety of techniques and subjects possible with the pastel pencils. For more information, click the “Barn Owl” picture below in “Featured Products” or Browse to […]

Pastel Pencil Techniques E-Book now available!

Our popular e-book is now available on the shop! This E-book combines our normal range of Booklets 1-6 as well as the Pastel Pencil Portraits booklet (normally only available in hard copy) and FREE Tiger’s Eye Exercise all for an exclusive price of £14.95! For more information, click the link above or see the product in our […]

“Aylesford in the Snow” & “Boat and Windmill” DVDs – download now!

We can confirm now that both the “Aylesford in the Snow” Watercolour DVD and the “Boat and Windmill” Pastel Pencil DVD are now available as a digital download at a reduced price of £5.95 and £7.95. Watch either of these DVDs within minutes on your computer/tablet device or even burn it yourself to a DVD […]

“Dedham Mill in Watercolor” DVD now available as a download

We are now offering our Dedham Mill in Watercolor DVD as a download at a discounted price of just £5.95! This is the first Watercolor DVD in our range to be offered as a download with more coming soon. Head on over to our DVD section or type “Dedham Mill” in the search bar above.

More DVDs available as Downloads

We are now offering our Cat Portrait, Grey Cat Demonstration and Pastel Pencil Backgrounds DVDs as a download at a reduced price. Save shipping costs and download within minutes these 3 fantastic DVDs. Why not check out our Pastel Pencil Portraits and Pastel Pencil Landscapes DVDs too? Also sold as downloads.

DVD’s now Available as Digital Downloads

We are excited to now offer our popular DVD Movies as a Digital Download. Save shipping costs and watch the DVD within minutes on your computer or iPad. Get our Pastel Pencil Landscapes or Pastel Pencil Portraits DVDs for just £7.95 today! Once purchased, you will be emailed a download link just like our packs. The […]