Tracedown A4 Pack of 5 Graphite Carbons


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  • Pack includes 5x A4 Graphite Carbons
  • Simple and quick way to trace images
  • Graphite product is suitable for use on white/light paper/surfaces
  • For use on paper, fabrics, ceramics, copper enamelling, pottery
  • Used and Recommended by Colin Bradley

Introducing Tracedown, a wax free transfer paper which allows you to quickly and easily transfer designs from a sketch, pattern, template or freehand to any surface (paper, canvas, ceramic, metal, wood, fabric, tile). Unlike other carbons, the pencils lines can be easily erased after being traced through allowing you to make adjustments. Why not purchase these with our Square Drawing Transparent Grids and have all you need to copy your reference photos with incredible accuracy.

The best graphite pencils to use with tracedown are available here.

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