Square Drawing Transparent Grids


Included in the Pack:
3 x Transparent Grids – 1 inch, Half inch, Quarter inch squares
3 x Paper Grids – 1 inch squares
1 x Tracedown Graphite Carbon (worth £2.30)
Written Instructions
Video Instructions (click here)

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  • Includes 1 x A4 Tracedown Graphite Carbon worth £2.30 !

Introducing Colin’s Square Drawing Transparent Grids. Have you always wanted to learn how to draw? How about drawing an accurate outline to colour in using your favourite art medium? This old established method of drawing has been updated and refined by us and used by thousands of students worldwide. It is the tool of choice by many of our students who find it difficult to proportion their subjects accurately. Pack Includes:

  • 3 x Transparent Grids – 1 inch, Half inch, Quarter inch squares
  • 3 x Paper Grids – 1 inch squares
  • 1 x A4 Tracedown Graphite Carbon
  • Written Instructions
  • Free Video Instructions (Click Here)

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The 1″ transparent grid is A4 size the half inch and quarter inch are on a sheet of A4 film but separated by a dotted line making them A5 when cut. Both of these two smaller grids are designed to be used over the top of the one inch grid that is laid over a reference photo or print to help break down the reference details. Both of these grids have been designed so that the reference area they cover do the job without making it confusing to the artist. The graphite pencils we recommend to use with the grids are also available here.

Customer Reviews:

“He is such a good teacher, so easy to understand and follow. His “Square drawing” pack is a must, I have used them time and again to produce successful portraits of animals and people. Thank you Colin”

– Bea Atkinson

1 review for Square Drawing Transparent Grids

  1. Diane

    I would recommend to your viewers/members who haven’t got the ‘Grid’ it is a valuable piece of equipment if you want to get the proportions correct from the beginning, I wouldn’t be without mine. Regards Diane

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Q: I am really interested in purchasing the square drawing transparent grids. Do/will you ship to the USA? Many thanks!
— Asked by Howard Huynh on 04/08/2014
A: Hi Howard, thanks for your question. We do ship to the US, our shipping costs can be seen here: https://colinbradleyartstore.co.uk/cart/
— http://Steve
Q: Do you sell started packs. I would like to purchase one for my brother as I think it would be a wonderful activity after a recent heart attack.
— Asked by Joan Green on 12/12/2015
A: Hi Joan, thanks for your question. We no longer sell the starter packs individually. They're all included in our membership packs found here: http://www.colinbradleyart.co.uk/home/sign-up We do sell individual art courses for just £4-£5 each here: http://www.pastelpencilcourses.com if you want to purchase any of those for him. I hope that helps, Kind regards, Steve
— http://Steve
Q: Does this method work if you want to enlarge somethin? Say I use your one inch grid over the picture I wish to copy and then have one and a half inch, or two inch squares in the paper on which I intend to paint. Eill it all be accurate and in proportion? I am looking to try portraits.
— Asked by Chros Rowe on 08/03/2017
A: Thanks for your question, you can indeed use the grids for scaling up your drawings using the exact method you mentioned below.
— http://Steve

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