New Soft Pastel Set from Faber-Castell in Stock!

24 Soft Pastel Creative Studio Set

Creative Studio Soft Pastels 24 SetAnnouncing a new product range in stock at Colin Bradley Art! The Creative Studio Set of 24 Soft Pastels by Faber-Castell.

We’ve never stocked Soft Pastels in the store before and we’re so pleased to have these available to you our students. These Soft Pastels are half sticks which make handling them easy and the set includes bright and vibrant colours. Colin often uses Soft Pastels on top of his Pastel Pencil work to enhance the picture. For just £8.95 you can have your own set by your side to use when Colin does, or just when you want to enhance your artwork.

Whether you’re an artist that wants to try soft pastels on their own or someone who wants to use them on top of Pastel Pencil artwork, this is the set for you.

Click Here to Order your set.

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