3x Graphite Pencil Set & Poppy Exercise Sheet

goldfaber graphite pencil range

Poppy in Pastel PencilsMore brand new products added to Colin Bradley’s Art Store. This time its a special set of 3 graphite pencils, personally selected by Colin Bradley.

The set includes a B, HB and F Pencil which are a perfect companion to our Square Drawing Grids. The B pencil is perfect for drawing out your picture on gridded paper. The HB Pencil is perfect for tracing through the image with Tracedown and the F pencil is great for going back over those lines on your desired painting surface. For a more detailed breakdown, check out Colin’s article here.

We’ve also added a new Exercise Sheet. If you want to learn how to draw this Poppy using Pastel Pencils and you’re not a member of Colin’s Pastel Pencil Tuition, then you can purchase this instructional exercise sheet for just £1.49 (approx $2.50). Follow step by step instructions and download instantly to your computer. Check out the project here.

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